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Yet another Mini for Jane!
12 January 2002 by Jane
minis I've just bought my eighth Mini: a beautiful shiny pearlescent purple Equinox. It's the longest journey I've ever had to make to buy a car, as it was 100 miles away in Peterborough. Well worth the trip though, and at least I know it all works properly!

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Got the Kit!
22 December 2001 by Kerry
tiger After much rushing around last week to get the engine out of the Sierra and remove the exchange parts I had to take to Tiger (steering linkage, front suspension struts, gearstick and sump), I hired a Luton van and set off for Thorney. I suffered what will no doubt be the first of many Tiger-inflicted injuries while I was there - a cut finger from an aluminium panel. I managed to scrounge a plaster, but not before dripping blood over the body panels and the back of the van.
Other than that, loading up was a fairly painless operation, as was the journey home (apart from a bit of snow). I managed to avoid hitting anything right up to the moment I got home, when I discovered that the branch of the apple tree that overhangs our drive is a fraction under 10 foot 6 off the ground! No damage done though, so I got my deposit back.
All the bits are now in the small garage until I've got the rest of the stuff I need off the Sierra, relegating the Land Rover to standing outside in the wet.
I've had a flick through the build manual, and I can see I now have a daunting time ahead of me. I just hope the kit's put together a bit better than the manual...

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I'm Now the Proud (?) Owner of a Sierra
29 November 2001 by Kerry
tiger Well, I now have a Sierra Saphire 2.0GLSi sitting in the drive! It's the newest car I've ever owned, and the only one with fuel injection, power steering, servo brakes, ABS, central locking, electric windows, four doors or a sunroof.
And now I'm going to dismantle it and throw all those bits away. Funny old world.

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Found a Donor
28 November 2001 by Kerry
tiger Thanks to a wanted advert in AdTrader, I now hopefully have a donor lined up. It's an F-reg 2.0 injection model (A good excuse to go straight for a pair of big sidedraft carbs), and is conveniently located literally round the corner (next door but 14, to be exact!) We agreed a price of £140, and if all goes according to plan, he'll be bringing it round tomorrow evening.

New Delivery Date
15 November 2001 by Kerry
tiger Another phone call - an earlier collection date has come up, and now I don't even have to wait until next year! All being well, I'm now picking the kit up just before Christmas, on December 22nd.

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