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New tyres
21 February 2004 by Kerry
striker The ACB10s that were on the car when I bought it were just about down to the legal tread limit (and barely have any tread at the best of times), so they needed to be replaced. I now have Yokohama A048s (185/60R13 on the front and 205/60R13 on the back), which should be nearly as good in the dry, and a lot better in the wet.

The only downside is that they each weigh two or three kilogrammes more, which might not sound much, but actually adds about 2.5% to the weight of the car! Still, it'll be nice to be able to drive on damp roads without getting wheelspin when I accelerate at just about any speed. I'll just have to lose a bit of weight off the driver to offset it!

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Jane's Equinox is sold!
21 February 2004 by Jane
minis Having added my spotlights in April 02, and finished the modifications with a set of alloy wheels in April 03, my lovely Equinox went up for sale at the beginning of February.

I've just sold it to a policeman who saw my for sale notice at work. He's a Mini enthusiast, so I know it's going to a good home.

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This is getting ridiculous...
15 February 2004
other I think we now officially have too many cars.

Anyone want to buy a Mini Equinox, a red Mini with no MOT, a Triumph Spitfire or a part-built Tiger?

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Mini 40
14 February 2004 by Jane
minis No, not my 40th Mini, only the ninth! I've just bought myself a beautiful mulberry red 40th anniversary Mini. They only made 250 for the UK market (150 in this colour), and mine is number 57.

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Another new car
7 February 2004 by Kerry
striker Well who'd have thought it? I've just bought a one year old car, with a nice sensible 998cc engine, that runs on unleaded petrol, only has 2700 miles on the clock and is cheap to insure. Have I finally grown up? [cont'd...]

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