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2 November 2003
other Not that I suppose for a moment that anyone cares, but the news headlines from this site are now available in RSS format, from http://www.kerryandjane.com/cgi-bin/news.xml.

August 2003 Sizewell Slalom Autotest
31 August 2003 by Kerry
minis The third autotest of the year, back at Sizewell again, although this time it was another forwards-only slalom event. I had a bit of an oil leak, which later turned out to be from the rocker cover gasket, but managed to complete the event, unlike quite a few others, who ended up retiring for various reasons. This meant that with Richard Pearson winning fastest time of the day in his red Mini (as usual), I was technically the winner of class A/B, being the only other Mini still running at the end! In reality though, I didn't do particularly well, coming fifth again out of nine finishers and a starting field of 16. [cont'd...]

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Shiny new exhaust
9 August 2003 by Kerry
spitfire The old exhaust had developed a couple of holes, so I decided that rather than just replace it, I'd get a decent stainless steel system, including a new manifold.

I don't know whether it'll improve performance at all, but it certainly sounds good!

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May 2003 Sizewell Autotest
18 May 2003 by Kerry
minis Yes, another ECMC autotest at Sizewell - this time a proper one, with reversing and everything! [cont'd...]

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Parham Slalom Autotest (with video!)
26 April 2003 by Kerry
minis After enjoying my last attempt at autotesting so much, I've had to wait until now for another go. As with last time, the event was organised by the Eastern Counties Motor Club, this time at Parham Airfield. It was another all-forwards event, but because of the limited width of the runway the tests were a lot tighter, and needed much more use of the handbrake (or if all else failed reversing and trying again) to squeeze round the cones. [cont'd...]

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