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We have a new cat!
6 April 2003
cats Despite the risk of entering the realms of eccentricity, we've added a fifth cat to our collection. He's a black cat of unknown age from the Blue Cross, who got him as a stray. He's extremely laid back, barely paying the other four any attention (they don't seem to mind him either, although Morris is still a bit wary), and is very friendly to us.

We haven't finally decided on a name yet, but top of the list at the moment is "Sampson", after the character in the Alex Cross books.

See picture

Sorry for the temporary loss of service...
1 January 2003
other In case you've tried to look at the site over the past few days and wondered where it had gone, I'd forgotten to renew the domain. It's all sorted now though, so everything should be back to normal.

Another 1275GT!
31 December 2002 by Kerry
minis I've just bought myself a 1275GT (actually now more of a 1340GT). For a photo and more details, look in the Kerry's Minis section.

Sizewell Autotest (with video!) [Updated 25/10/02]
13 October 2002 by Kerry
minis Thanks to some encouragement from Matt at work, I decided to take a first step into motorsport by entering an autotest at Sizewell power station, organised by the Eastern Counties Motor Club. For those who don't know, an autotest basically involves trying to follow a set route through a load of cones in the fastest possible time. Usually there are added complications such as having to stop astride lines, drive into 'garages' marked out by cones, and drive some sections in reverse, but fortunately this event was all forwards. [cont'd...]

Read more (with pictures)

More progress at long last!
25 September 2002 by Kerry
tiger After an embarassingly long gap, I've finally started working on the build again (see build diary). OK, so it's not much, but it's more than I've done in the past few months.

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