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Well that was easy
14 August 2002 by Kerry
minis Amazingly, my Mini's just passed its MOT first time. However, I think it might have been a different story if I hadn't replaced my brake shoes at the weekend!

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I've bought a Triumph Spitfire!
6 August 2002 by Kerry
spitfire Well it looks like at least one more Summer's going to go by before the Tiger's finished, so I succumbed to temptation and bought an old classic sports car so I can drive around in the Summer with no roof (but with the advantage over the Landie that I can put the roof up when the inevitable rain comes, not to mention having miles per gallon figures that never threaten to dip into single figures). [cont'd...]

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The Sierra's finally gone!
5 August 2002 by Kerry
tiger I finally got round to getting a scrapyard to take away the Sierra bodyshell at the weekend, so it's not cluttering up the driveway anymore. They only charged £25, which wasn't too bad (although I remember when you used to get paid for scrap cars), but managed to knock a branch off the apple tree with their lorry.

Austin has his teeth out
19 June 2002
cats Austin had to go to the vet today because his gingivitus had been getting worse again. When he came home, they'd taken all his back teeth out! He's still rather groggy from the anaesthetic, and his mouth looks a bit of a mess, but he managed to eat a little bit of soft food. Hopefully the lack of teeth will help his gums to stay healthier, and apparently it shouldn't affect his eating at all.

Update (July 2002): Since recovering from the operation, he's been much better than he has been for a long time. He still manages to eat biscuits quite happily, and for the first time in years isn't on any medication.

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Back on the road
27 May 2002 by Kerry
landie I finally found a garage prepared to do the welding last week (there were some fairly big holes in the chassis and cross member, but it only ended up costing £160, so it could have been worse). [cont'd...]

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