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Donor dismantled
2 April 2002 by Kerry
tiger I've finally finished stripping down the Sierra, and the bodyshell is now sitting outside on castors (seemed like the easiest way to move it with no wheels!) waiting to be disposed of. In the mean time it seems to provide a nice warm place for the local cats to sleep.

I had intended to have at least painted the Tiger chassis by now, but I've taken the opportunity of an empty workshop to build a couple of bits of furniture first.

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Another year, another MOT...
2 April 2002 by Kerry
landie ...and another failure. Not too bad though - it mainly just needs some welding on the rear cross-member and chassis (at least I hope it just needs some welding, not a new chassis!)[cont'd...]

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Phase one completed
9 February 2002 by Jane
minis Phase one of my modification plans for the Equinox is now complete. As well as replacing the cracked number plate, I have added clear indicators, chrome windscreen wipers and a leather steering wheel, and replaced the bonnet badge with the correct Equinox one.
Next on the list will be some spotlights, and then a long saving process in order to buy some alloy wheels.

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I've sold the Cooper!
5 February 2002 by Jane
minis After advertising in Mini Magazine, I have just sold the Cooper to a bloke from North London. He and a couple of mates drove up here in the evening to look at it, bringing enough cash to pay the asking price, and drove it away at about ten o'clock this evening.
It's actually a present for his girlfriend, who apparently has no idea that he's buying it. Let's hope she likes it!

We're live!
4 February 2002
other At last! After faffing about for over a year, and now including 1100 lines of perl, six server-parsed HTML documents, nineteen XML files and 133 images, the site is finally live!
Have a look around, and let us know if you find any mistakes or if you think there's anything missing.

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