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Parham Slalom Autotest (with video!)
26 April 2003 by Kerry
minis After enjoying my last attempt at autotesting so much, I've had to wait until now for another go. As with last time, the event was organised by the Eastern Counties Motor Club, this time at Parham Airfield. It was another all-forwards event, but because of the limited width of the runway the tests were a lot tighter, and needed much more use of the handbrake (or if all else failed reversing and trying again) to squeeze round the cones.

As before, it was great fun, and the rain held off except for while we were eating our lunch. I made a few more mistakes than last time, and failed to finish one test when my brake pedal decided it no longer wanted to be connected to the master cylinder (fixed thanks to another competitor kindly giving me a nut and bolt to bodge it back together with), but somehow still managed to finish sixth out of sixteen, if I read the results sheet properly. Mind you, the competition included a Talbot Samba (which I only narrowly beat), a Ka and a Mondeo, and I was easily the slowest Mini, so there's plenty of room for improvement!

No pictures this time, but Click here to see the video (4.6 MB - QuickTime 6 required).

Now I just need to fit a steering knob and modify my handbrake for fly-off operation in time for the next event, back at Sizewell in a few weeks' time. Apparently that one involves some reversing, which should be interesting...


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