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Bruntingthorpe Track Day
5 June 2004 by Kerry
striker I finally got round to taking the Striker on a track day, at Bruntinghorpe proving ground near Leicester. I spent a frantic few days getting ready – first I had to buy a helmet, ideally a type A approved one, so I could use it if I ever decided to do any sprints or hillclimbs, but I discovered that motorcycle helmets are no longer approved to the BSI standards, and I didn't have time to get one anywhere other than local bike shops. Then I dismantled my silencer to try and stop it buzzing, as I knew It would fail a noise test as it was. When I took the end cap off, I found that the packing material had all broken up, and with no time to get it fixed properly or get a new one, I ended up buying a roll of loft insulation, and shoving a load of that in to replace the old packing. It kind of worked, although I think it's louder again now I've driven the 250 mile round trip to Leicestershire, but as it turned out they didn't do any noise testing anyway.

It was an enjoyable day though, and nice to start getting an idea of what the car's capable of once the brakes and tyres are warmed up, and without things like speed limits to get in the way. I think I suffered a bit from being relatively inexperienced in one of the fastest cars there, as I spent a lot of time either stuck behind slower cars in the bends or being overtaken by faster drivers. The main problem was convincing myself that I really could brake from 110 mph, 100 yards before a bend, and still get round!

The photos were taken by the track photographer, and are copyright SD Imaging.

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