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Snetterton Track Day [updated 14/8/04]
30 July 2004 by Kerry
striker Another track day, this time at Snetterton, which is a fair bit closer to home. It was organised by Gold Track, who I have to say are far more professional than the people who ran the Bruntingthorpe event. Vince from the ECMC managed to negotiate a discount, including free use of a garage, which was very welcome as it was such a hot day.

Once again, I spent the whole day before getting the car ready. This time I'd bought another exhaust from eBay, which fitted without too much trouble, and is definitely quieter (they still didn't do a noise test though!), and I also replaced the mirrors with ones with convex glass, so I can actually see what's behind me now. I made up a bracket to hold the camcorder on the rollcage too, ready for some in-car footage. Jane bought a helmet too, and I got an intercom so we could hear each other on the way there and back (below about sixty, anyway).

It took a while to get the hang of the circuit, but by the end of the day I was managing to get round in the low one minute thirties (timing's not allowed, so I had to estimate it from the graph from the DigiDash), hitting 122 mph on the Revett Straight. Not a great time, but I'm still learning! The tyres took quite a hammering, as you can see from the third photo.

You can see the in-car video of my fastest lap here (6 MB - QuickTime 6 required). Sorry there's no sound, but all you could hear was wind. Next time I'll connect up an external mic somewhere less exposed.

Update: I've now replaced the video clip linked above with a new file which has the speed, rpm, gear and timing information from the datalog displayed alongside. It now includes two laps instead of one (unfortunately in the first one I backed off on the long straight, and at the second I started slowing down after the last bend ready to come in the next time round).

Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures:

Negotiating Russell Bend Accelerating down Senna Straight Nice hot tyre!


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