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New Web Site
17 August 2006 by Kerry
other I've decided to switch to a proper blog package to make the site easier to update, so this site will no longer be maintained (although everything that's here will stay for now, until/unless it gets moved over).

From now on, please go to blog.janeandkerry.com instead (www.kerryandjane.com works too, but for some reason is blocked by BT's firewall). The RSS feed URL is http://blog.janeandkerry.com/feed/.

New Harnesses
29 October 2005 by Kerry
striker The harnesses that were in the car were virtually impossible to adjust while you were sitting in the (very snug!) seats, so I finally got round to replacing them with some nice new ones from Scroth, where the lap strap adjusters pull upwards instead of down, meaning you can tighten them up after doing the buckle up, rather than having to keep hopping in and out of the seat trying to get the tightness right by trial and error. They're got proper aircraft/race-type twist release buckles too, with each strap clipping in individually, and can be upgraded to six-point later if I decide I want to (and if I can figure out how to mount the anti-sub straps).

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October 2005 Sizewell Autotest
16 October 2005 by Kerry
minis It's been a while since the last ECMC autotest, but Sunday saw us back at Sizewell for a traditional (forwards and reverse) event, meaning I was in the Mini rather than the Striker. I didn't get any penalties, but didn't record any amazing times either, so ended up in my usual mid-table position, beaten by Richard's Mini (of course), Shaun's Mini, Roy's special and one of the Westfields.

Jane was marshalling this time, so no video, but I managed to take a few photos of some of the other cars in action.

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30 May 2005 by Kerry
photography Not great pictures, but quite an impressive rainbow.

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Fame at Last
22 March 2005 by Kerry
photography Have a look at picture two here!

Here's a slightly bigger version:

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