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New Harnesses
29 October 2005 by Kerry
striker The harnesses that were in the car were virtually impossible to adjust while you were sitting in the (very snug!) seats, so I finally got round to replacing them with some nice new ones from Scroth, where the lap strap adjusters pull upwards instead of down, meaning you can tighten them up after doing the buckle up, rather than having to keep hopping in and out of the seat trying to get the tightness right by trial and error. They're got proper aircraft/race-type twist release buckles too, with each strap clipping in individually, and can be upgraded to six-point later if I decide I want to (and if I can figure out how to mount the anti-sub straps).

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Snetterton Track Day [updated 14/8/04]
30 July 2004 by Kerry
striker Another track day, this time at Snetterton, which is a fair bit closer to home. It was organised by Gold Track, who I have to say are far more professional than the people who ran the Bruntingthorpe event. Vince from the ECMC managed to negotiate a discount, including free use of a garage, which was very welcome as it was such a hot day. [cont'd...]

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Bruntingthorpe Track Day
5 June 2004 by Kerry
striker I finally got round to taking the Striker on a track day, at Bruntinghorpe proving ground near Leicester. I spent a frantic few days getting ready – first I had to buy a helmet, ideally a type A approved one, so I could use it if I ever decided to do any sprints or hillclimbs, but I discovered that motorcycle helmets are no longer approved to the BSI standards, and I didn't have time to get one anywhere other than local bike shops. Then I dismantled my silencer to try and stop it buzzing, as I knew It would fail a noise test as it was. When I took the end cap off, I found that the packing material had all broken up, and with no time to get it fixed properly or get a new one, I ended up buying a roll of loft insulation, and shoving a load of that in to replace the old packing. It kind of worked, although I think it's louder again now I've driven the 250 mile round trip to Leicestershire, but as it turned out they didn't do any noise testing anyway. [cont'd...]

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Hadleigh Show
15 May 2004 by Kerry
striker I spent today at the Hadleigh Show, with the Striker amongst the cars on display on the ECMC stand. It attracted lots of attention from children and grown-ups alike, as usual.

The weather was excellent – perhaps a little too good, as I'm now suffering with a sunburnt neck and arms!

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New tyres
21 February 2004 by Kerry
striker The ACB10s that were on the car when I bought it were just about down to the legal tread limit (and barely have any tread at the best of times), so they needed to be replaced. I now have Yokohama A048s (185/60R13 on the front and 205/60R13 on the back), which should be nearly as good in the dry, and a lot better in the wet.

The only downside is that they each weigh two or three kilogrammes more, which might not sound much, but actually adds about 2.5% to the weight of the car! Still, it'll be nice to be able to drive on damp roads without getting wheelspin when I accelerate at just about any speed. I'll just have to lose a bit of weight off the driver to offset it!

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