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Morris 1996 - 2004
24 February 2004
cats After being quite ill since Christmas, and losing a lot of weight, Morris died this morning. The vet had been unable to find out exactly what was wrong with her, despite carrying out lots of tests, and she had looked like she was starting to improve slightly over the weekend, but she took a turn for the worse overnight, and when we came down for breakfast she was completely disoriented and unable to stand up. We were going to take her into the vet as soon as they opened, but she died at about eight o'clock.

The house seems very quiet without her, and she'll be sadly missed, by us and also by the nurses at the vet, where she'd become something of a celebrity.

We have a new cat!
6 April 2003
cats Despite the risk of entering the realms of eccentricity, we've added a fifth cat to our collection. He's a black cat of unknown age from the Blue Cross, who got him as a stray. He's extremely laid back, barely paying the other four any attention (they don't seem to mind him either, although Morris is still a bit wary), and is very friendly to us.

We haven't finally decided on a name yet, but top of the list at the moment is "Sampson", after the character in the Alex Cross books.

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Austin has his teeth out
19 June 2002
cats Austin had to go to the vet today because his gingivitus had been getting worse again. When he came home, they'd taken all his back teeth out! He's still rather groggy from the anaesthetic, and his mouth looks a bit of a mess, but he managed to eat a little bit of soft food. Hopefully the lack of teeth will help his gums to stay healthier, and apparently it shouldn't affect his eating at all.

Update (July 2002): Since recovering from the operation, he's been much better than he has been for a long time. He still manages to eat biscuits quite happily, and for the first time in years isn't on any medication.

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Visiting cat photos
20 May 2002
cats We've now added an Alien Cats section, with photos of some of the cats which frequent our garden.


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