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New Web Site
17 August 2006 by Kerry
other I've decided to switch to a proper blog package to make the site easier to update, so this site will no longer be maintained (although everything that's here will stay for now, until/unless it gets moved over).

From now on, please go to blog.janeandkerry.com instead (www.kerryandjane.com works too, but for some reason is blocked by BT's firewall). The RSS feed URL is http://blog.janeandkerry.com/feed/.

This is getting ridiculous...
15 February 2004
other I think we now officially have too many cars.

Anyone want to buy a Mini Equinox, a red Mini with no MOT, a Triumph Spitfire or a part-built Tiger?

See picture

Now available in RSS format
2 November 2003
other Not that I suppose for a moment that anyone cares, but the news headlines from this site are now available in RSS format, from http://www.kerryandjane.com/cgi-bin/news.xml.

Sorry for the temporary loss of service...
1 January 2003
other In case you've tried to look at the site over the past few days and wondered where it had gone, I'd forgotten to renew the domain. It's all sorted now though, so everything should be back to normal.

What's new?
18 May 2002
other The "What's new" page, that's what's new!

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