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A New Chicken
20 February 2005
chickens Not wanting to leave Myrtle on her own for too long, especially in the cold weather we're having at the moment, we went and got a new companion for her yesterday. She's a Meadowsweet Ranger, and we've called her Ginger. Hopefully she'll fare better than Olive - she's made a promising start already, delivering her first egg this afternoon, the day after arriving!

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RIP Olive
17 February 2005
chickens Sadly when I went to let the chickens out this morning, we found Olive had died in the night. With hindsight, we suspect she had probably been eggbound, because she had never laid, and had started looking a bit hunched and losing weight.

Our first egg!
22 December 2004
chickens When I went to shut the chickens up this evening, there was a little egg waiting! We're pretty sure it's Myrtle's, partly because of the colour, and partly because she's got a big red comb, which apparently means they're ready to start laying.

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Chickens Out in the Garden
27 November 2004
chickens The chickens got their first chance to roam around the garden this weekend, which they seemed to enjoy. They won't be able to get too used to it though, as we'll only be letting them out while we're around during the day, in case we get visited by a fox.

The cats weren't entirely sure what to make of them – Zorro tried chasing them a few times, but the others seemed more scared of the chickens than the other way round.

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20 November 2004
chickens Having bought an Eglu, today we drove out to Stradbroke and bought a couple of hens. We got one black rock and one speckledy, which we've decided to call Olive and Myrtle respectively. They're starting to settle into their new home, and hopefully in three or four weeks they should start supplying us with nice fresh eggs!

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