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October 2005 Sizewell Autotest
16 October 2005 by Kerry
minis It's been a while since the last ECMC autotest, but Sunday saw us back at Sizewell for a traditional (forwards and reverse) event, meaning I was in the Mini rather than the Striker. I didn't get any penalties, but didn't record any amazing times either, so ended up in my usual mid-table position, beaten by Richard's Mini (of course), Shaun's Mini, Roy's special and one of the Westfields.

Jane was marshalling this time, so no video, but I managed to take a few photos of some of the other cars in action.

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Jane's Equinox is sold!
21 February 2004 by Jane
minis Having added my spotlights in April 02, and finished the modifications with a set of alloy wheels in April 03, my lovely Equinox went up for sale at the beginning of February.

I've just sold it to a policeman who saw my for sale notice at work. He's a Mini enthusiast, so I know it's going to a good home.

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Mini 40
14 February 2004 by Jane
minis No, not my 40th Mini, only the ninth! I've just bought myself a beautiful mulberry red 40th anniversary Mini. They only made 250 for the UK market (150 in this colour), and mine is number 57.

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August 2003 Sizewell Slalom Autotest
31 August 2003 by Kerry
minis The third autotest of the year, back at Sizewell again, although this time it was another forwards-only slalom event. I had a bit of an oil leak, which later turned out to be from the rocker cover gasket, but managed to complete the event, unlike quite a few others, who ended up retiring for various reasons. This meant that with Richard Pearson winning fastest time of the day in his red Mini (as usual), I was technically the winner of class A/B, being the only other Mini still running at the end! In reality though, I didn't do particularly well, coming fifth again out of nine finishers and a starting field of 16. [cont'd...]

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May 2003 Sizewell Autotest
18 May 2003 by Kerry
minis Yes, another ECMC autotest at Sizewell - this time a proper one, with reversing and everything! [cont'd...]

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