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Parham Slalom Autotest (with video!)
26 April 2003 by Kerry
minis After enjoying my last attempt at autotesting so much, I've had to wait until now for another go. As with last time, the event was organised by the Eastern Counties Motor Club, this time at Parham Airfield. It was another all-forwards event, but because of the limited width of the runway the tests were a lot tighter, and needed much more use of the handbrake (or if all else failed reversing and trying again) to squeeze round the cones. [cont'd...]

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Another 1275GT!
31 December 2002 by Kerry
minis I've just bought myself a 1275GT (actually now more of a 1340GT). For a photo and more details, look in the Kerry's Minis section.

Sizewell Autotest (with video!) [Updated 25/10/02]
13 October 2002 by Kerry
minis Thanks to some encouragement from Matt at work, I decided to take a first step into motorsport by entering an autotest at Sizewell power station, organised by the Eastern Counties Motor Club. For those who don't know, an autotest basically involves trying to follow a set route through a load of cones in the fastest possible time. Usually there are added complications such as having to stop astride lines, drive into 'garages' marked out by cones, and drive some sections in reverse, but fortunately this event was all forwards. [cont'd...]

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Well that was easy
14 August 2002 by Kerry
minis Amazingly, my Mini's just passed its MOT first time. However, I think it might have been a different story if I hadn't replaced my brake shoes at the weekend!

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Phase one completed
9 February 2002 by Jane
minis Phase one of my modification plans for the Equinox is now complete. As well as replacing the cracked number plate, I have added clear indicators, chrome windscreen wipers and a leather steering wheel, and replaced the bonnet badge with the correct Equinox one.
Next on the list will be some spotlights, and then a long saving process in order to buy some alloy wheels.

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