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Another new car
7 February 2004 by Kerry
striker Well who'd have thought it? I've just bought a one year old car, with a nice sensible 998cc engine, that runs on unleaded petrol, only has 2700 miles on the clock and is cheap to insure. Have I finally grown up?

Well no, not really. For a start, it doesn't have rear seats. Or a roof. Or, if you want to get picky, a windscreen.

Oh, and that 998cc engine is from a Yamaha R1 motorcycle, and generates nearly 150bhp at the rear wheels, which combined with a total weight of only around 400kg makes for some quite interesting performance!

In case you haven't guessed, it's Richard Miles's Sylva Striker that I mentioned in the last autotest report. When I found that he was selling it, and that if I cashed in all my savings I could actually afford it, I couldn't really say no. It's partly this car's fault that I haven't made much progress on the Tiger lately - once I'd been for a ride in it I realised that mine was never going to be good enough, and that as soon as it was finished I'd be looking to build something similar, which means I'd probably have finished building the car I wanted just about in time for the world's oil supplies to run out. Look in the info section for some photos and the full spec.

Anyone want to buy a half-built Tiger?


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