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Driveshafts and rear hubs
26 September 2003 by Kerry
tiger What's going on? Nothing for nearly eight months, and now two entries in barely over a week!

As with the suspension, most of the time was spent reconditioning the Ford parts. I removed the old wheel bearings and seals using a big hammer and extreme violence (as usual the Haynes manual makes it sound easy), stripped down the CV joints, degreased everything, then treated it all with rust converter then a coat of paint. After a final clean with diesel, I fitted the new wheel bearings, reassembled the CV joints, filled them with grease and fitted them to the driveshafts with new boots.

Top tip: the bearing shells are an extremely tight fit in the hub carriers, but if you save the shells from the old bearings, they are the perfect size to use with a vice to press the new ones in. Flip them round, and the thinner edge does the same job on the seals too.

When cleaning the CV joints, make sure you note which way round everything fits, and keep all the bits from each joint together. Or maybe it doesn't matter, but better safe than sorry.

Everything bolted back on fairly painlessly, which you'd expect as this is all attaching to the original Sierra suspension carrier, not the Tiger chassis. Make sure the stub axle with the left-hand drive thread goes on the nearside, and use new hub nuts (mine came with the wheel bearing kits). They need doing up to some ridiculous torque, so best leave that until the car's on its wheels with a handbrake and/or gearbox to keep everything still.

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Makeshift press Rear hub Rear hub, from behind Rear end Progress so far

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